Spring 2008

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Tracking in the Wild, Learning from the Land
Prints in the snow can reveal and teach a good deal more than what has been walking, galloping, or loping through the woods.
by Joshua Brown

Off for Good Behavior
It’s nice to have science on your side in the weight-loss battle. VTrim, a program developed by UVM professor Jean Harvey-Berino, is helping many eat and exercise their way to healthier lives.
by Sarah Tuff

One Drop
Her father’s long-guarded secret about his racial heritage drove Bliss Broyard ’88 to write her latest book, an exploration of family, society, and personal identity.
by Leah Samuel

Women’s Worlds 
How do you winnow seven centuries of women’s writing down into one anthology? Three English professors sit down to discuss that challenge and their new publication.
interview by Amanda Waite ’02 G’04

One of the Journal’s 50
Charlene Begley ’88, recently named to the Wall Street Journal’s list of “50 Women to Watch” in the world of business, shares her thoughts on work, family, and school days.
interview by Thomas Weaver

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