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I received a nice note from Jim Rappaport, who felt sorry for my pitiful pleadings for news. His first news to us in 36 years goes like this: Jim and his wife Jean have been living in the San Francisco Bay area the past 21 years. Currently, he is an executive vice president of an electronics company. He previously worked for Xerox for 10 years while living in New Hampshire. His son, Zach, is in his first year at UCLA and is thoroughly enjoying his college experience. Jim likes Northern California, especially all that San Francisco has to offer. The family vacations often at Lake Tahoe for the snow, the four seasons, and the casino gaming, which occasionally takes a bite out of his wallet. I always remember Jim as a quick, agile infielder but he claims he has retired from his baseball and softball days. He still plays doubles racquetball four times a week. He and his partner went to the National Doubles Championships at Arizona State in 2005 and won two divisions. An athlete forever. Jim still keeps in touch with Earl Seligman, Jeff Lerer, Steve Yanagi, George Kalechey, Steve Kunken and Ed Otis. He also enjoys reading updates about classmates in VQ. So why not send in your information so classmates can hear from you. Anyone out there wonder what happened to Ed Hartman? Well, I’m going to tell you. He’s been living in  Derby Line, Vt., in the Northeast Kingdom for the past 35 years with his wife, Betsy Hancock (’72) Hartman, and their five children. Daughter Radiance is an M.D., and Jalali and Rosanna are engineers and business people. Julia is graduating from the University of South Carolina’s Honors College and will begin her career in investment banking at Wachovia Bank in Charlotte, N.C. He hopes his son, Emile, who is playing a lot of hockey in Canada, will one day continue the Hartman UVM legacy. Ed would love to hear from classmates.

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Doug Arnold

Since I hadn’t heard from many classmates, I contacted our class president Gary Barnes, who was happy to scout out some news for me. We’ve decided that this should be the model for our class column from now on. According to Gary, it was great fun catching up with old friends. He highly recommends that classmates send an email with a sentence or two about what they and their friends are doing. Here’s what Gary found out: Ed Borden, is living in the Cherry Hills, N.Y., area. He served as the county prosecutor for many years, then left to join a large private practice firm, and now works in a smaller firm, where he does criminal defense and business litigation. Ed keeps his Vermont connection. He and his wife Barbara, a Middlebury grad, have a seasonal home in Charleston, on Echo Lake in the Northeast Kingdom, where they enjoy snowshoeing in the winter. You might remember that Ed was active in student government at UVM. He’s now one of three Haddenfield, N.J., Commissioners. Guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Dan Hoberman changed law firms last November, joining the Rabner, Allcorn in Upper Montclair, N.J. He and his wife, Julie, moved to Montclair a year ago, and they take advantage of the proximity to New York City for entertainment and social activities. After raising and educating five children, they hope to spend more time traveling. Dan is planning to hike some of the Appalachian Trail with Steve Kass, another Phi Sig, this summer. Didn't hear back from Bruce Silverstein or Pete Ciment. Are you out there somewhere, guys? I did speak with Norbert Wolloch, who is still a pediatric doc. He sounds great. I missed Barry Wilson, who was just returning from an international trip when I was leaving for Florida. Hope to catch up with Mike Enson soon, too. Steve Kass is still doing inner city alternative education and still loving it, but he is considering hanging up the spikes before too long. Rob “Bat” Finberg, who is in Maui, is merciless with his invitations to come visit. I ran into Richard Cate at a Rotary Meeting where he spoke about Vermont education. The state is fortunate to have coaxed Richard back; he is doing a terrific job as commissioner of education. Tom Reilly is still doing private eye work, and son Devon is now in grade school. Right before press time, I ran into Michael Lash at a Chamber of Commerce event. Michael in still in the furniture business in the Burlington area, and it's always fun to chat with him! We have to talk Michael into attending a reunion before our 50th! And from my front, my son Robert ’01 was married in Florida. I now have Ukrainian relatives, and I hope to get to the Ukraine one day to visit them. My daughter, Mary, has just assumed the role of business liaison for Vermont’s new Congressman Peter Welch, and my youngest is a chef at Greenstreets in Burlington. If you don’t write, Gary and I will continue with our networking and writing about ourselves! Where is Jason Robards these days?? Truly, keep in touch. 

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Sarah Wilbur Sprayregen

Do you remember The Den, quiet hours, The Red Dog and The Blue Tooth, frat parties, long hair, sandals and bell bottoms? I hope these memories will spark your excitement for our 35th Reunion, June 1-4, 2007. Your classmates are looking forward to seeing you. We send our condolences to David Holton, who lost his dad, William B. Holton, last November. William greatly valued education and was either the brother, father, grandfather, or grandfather-in-law of ten UVM graduates: George Holton ’52, Nancy Lynn Holton Divoll ’70, David Holton ’72, Ira Divoll ’99, Caitlin Consuela Holton ’00, Ian Divoll ’01, Maria Holton Clough ’02, Paige Fader ’03, Garin Clough ’03, and Lindsay Holton ’04. David is president of The Essex Agency, Inc., an insurance agency in Essex Junction, Vt. His family has lived in Vermont since prior to Vermont becoming the 14th state. UVM certainly has been the “family school” for the Holtons.

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Debra Stern Koslow

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Deborah Mesce

The first page I read as soon as I receive my Vermont Quarterly is the class notes, just as I assume most of you do also. I noticed that our class did not have a class secretary for the past few issues and maybe that was why we hardly had any class news. So here I am as your new class secretary! My husband is Tom and we have 2 boys, Noah and Aaron. We live in Framingham, Mass., and I have worked at the Framingham Heart Study for 26 years. I am still playing tennis and hiking while my husband is an avid curler! I try to keep in touch with other classmates as much as I can. Recently I had dinner with Irene Kwasnik (’73) Kowalski and Margo David DiIeso. Margo and I try to get up to Stowe, Vt. to visit Diane Batt Smith and Sally Cummings ’72 in Burlington a few times a year. I hope you will send in any tidbits of information about yourself, no item is too small or unimportant! Deborah Kelly wrote to let us know that her triplets are now seniors in high school, and two of the three have UVM as their first choice. They visited last March and sat in on Mark Stoler’s history class. Deborah said it was humbling to realize that political activities during our college years are now “history.” They also stopped by Higher Ground where members of Phish and the Grateful Dead have performed, and that clinched it for the kids. Deborah also wrote that she swam the Long Island Sound for the fifth time with a group called Swim Across America. This year she swam with her two daughters to raise money for cancer treatment, prevention, and counseling. Back in D.C., Deborah is deputy general counsel at Dickstein Shapiro, a law firm with more than 900 employees. She heads their employment practice and is a member of its executive committee. She wrote, “So, if you need a management employment lawyer, fellow alums, I need the cash for tuition…” The PR office at UVM has notified us that Abigail Kimball will become the first woman to head the U.S. Forest Service. Abigail has a degree in forest management from the School of Natural Resources (now the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources). Before this office, Abigail served as forest supervisor of the Pike and San Isabel National Forests and the Comanache National Grasslands in Colorado as well as for Wyoming’s Bighorn National Forest and Alaska’s Tongass National Forest. Congratulations, Abigail, your UVM family is very proud of you!

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Emily Schnaper Manders

Greetings from the North Country. This column could be a lot more fun if more people would send updates. Don't be shy. You can email me directly at the address listed or send your notes to UVM. Let’s try and spice it up a bit in 2007. We heard that Dennis Canedy was voted outstanding contractor in the state of Arizona in 2006. Kevin Grogan has been in contact with Rich Goldstein and Rich Falcone. He is hoping to put a ski trip together for other geriatric skiers with a UVM pedigree. Anyone interested? Jane Haslun Schwab let us know that several Pi Phis rented a house on the Connecticut shore for their annual four day “Girls Weekend” last summer. Enjoying the weekend with Jane were Nancy Haslun Wall, Sarah Jewett Gossler, Patricia Rubalcaba, Jane Libby Nesbitt, Laurie Burdett Stuart, Missy Dever Martin, Karen Critchlow Davis, Betsy Delaney Elwell, Rhonda Lucasey Rowe, Susan Allen Veasey and Lisa Kreiner (’76) Stephens. Becky Pardee Davis and Betsy Bundock O’Neill were unable to attend but missed by all. They value their Pi Phi friendships so much that they keep in touch frequently. Jane also reported that she and her sister, Nancy, spent a vacation last spring in Destin, Fla., home of Betsy Delaney Elwell and her husband, Chuck, who live across the street from the water. Jane’s older daughter, Lindsay, attends Rhode Island College, where she is pursuing a degree in elementary education. Her younger daughter, Taylor, is a senior at UNH, where she rooms with Nancy Haslun Wall’s daughter, Libby. Nancy’s older daughter, Whitney, graduated from UVM, and she now lives and works in Boston. Jane is in her 11th year as a teacher assistant in a middle school, and Nancy continues to enjoy teaching 4th grade in Avon, Conn.

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Dina Dwyer Child

Shelley Bouchard Richardson was thrilled to see many friends and classmates at our 30th reunion. She was especially glad to hook up with a few Tri-Delts and walk through the ol’ house on Willard Street. Heather, Marti, LeeAnn, Carol, and Mary all sent their best to other Tri-Delts, and they may be back in touch for a “big city” reunion one day. Shelley wrote that her older daughter graduated from Ithaca College, and her second daughter is attending the University of Delaware. Shelley continues to work at Champlain College, and she wrote that their new president is keeping her very busy with fundraising, “trying to compete with the big college on the hill.” Jan D’Angelo was promoted to senior vice president for international and fleet sales at Adam Aircraft. He travels worldwide overseeing international sales in addition to working with start-up air taxi firms. The results of the work he did on the set can be seen in the movie “Miami Vice”. Jan’s passion for flying started at UVM.  He holds both U.S. and world speed records in the Adam A500. Pat Taves recently retired from the Fairfax County, Va., Attorney’s Office after 26 years. Upon his retirement, he became a partner with the law firm of Greehan, Taves, Pandak, & Stoner, specializing in representation of local governments and government agencies in Virginia. Pat’s wife, Peggy Johnstone (’77) Taves, is a physical therapist at The Chesapeake Center in Springfield, Va., doing early intervention with pediatric patients. Pat and Peggy make their home in Fairfax Station, Va., and they have only two of their four sons still at home. 

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Pete Beekman

Rick King, executive vice president and chief operations officer of Thomson North American Legal, was named one of Computerworld’s Premier 100 IT Leaders for 2007. Thomson North American Legal provides legal information, litigation, and practice management software and workflow solutions for legal professionals in the United States and Canada. The list, honoring individuals who have had a positive impact on their organizations through technology, will be published in a special issue of IDG Computerworld. Honorees will participate in Computerworld’s Premier 100 IT Leaders Conference in Palm Desert, Calif.

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Steve Monroe

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Audrey Ziss Bath

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Beth Nutter Gamache

“Spring is in the air, every sight and every sound…,” and I hope this spring finds you exploring new ventures, the harbingers of great things to come. Spring is a wonderful time to clean house in the introspective sense. Every spring offers the opportunity to begin anew and make new connections or renew old ones. Speaking of renewing old connections, our class column is a great place to start. Let me know what you’ve been up to and what’s new on your horizon. I did hear from several classmates for this issue. Lynn Ackerman Berger lives in New York City, where she is a career and life coach. She has written a new book, The Savvy Part-time Professional, and in it she makes a strong case for part-time employment as a viable option for parents, seniors, and stressed-out overachievers. The book also contains inspirational stories of those who have successfully made the switch. Susan Donnelly Murphy lives in Boston. She recently reconnected with some UVM alums when she and her husband, Bob, helped Bob Dacey ’81 celebrate his 50th birthday. His wife, Diane D’Orlando (’80) Dacey, hosted a golf tournament and party for Bob that was also attended by Jeff Small ’79, Jeff Pratt ’79, and Dave ’81 and Francie Williams (’81) Cacovo. Susan is looking forward to the upcoming Kappa Alpha Theta reunion “Theta by the Sea,” and she said to let those who remember the summer of ’79 know that their invitations will be in the mail soon. Susan proudly reported that her two step-daughters are carrying on the Kappa Alpha Theta legacy at the University of Connecticut. That’s it for now from the class of 1980. I look forward to hearing from you in the coming months.

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MaryBeth Pinard-Brace

I’m not exactly sure where 2006 went, but it has come and gone. I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday and that your year was filled with not only challenges but opportunities. I had the challenge of saying goodbye to a wonderful mentor, someone who had been my supervisor for 24 years. That challenge also created an opportunity to work in a new role as assistant vice president for student affairs. I found myself remembering all the things we used to do on campus and found it difficult not to laugh when some of my students were doing similar things. Times haven’t really changed all that much! I am hoping that this year will continue to provide new and exciting opportunities. Last October, Chris Zimmerman was named president and chief executive officer of Orca Bay Sports & Entertainment. Chris previously served as the president and CEO at Nike Bauer Hockey, Inc. After graduating from UVM with a BA in economics and mass communication, Chris went on to earn his MBA at Babson College. He played four successful seasons of Division I hockey while at UVM, and later he was assistant men’s hockey coach at Babson. Chris and his family now live in Vancouver, and he and his family are eager to immerse themselves in all that the area has to offer. Congratulations and good luck with all of your new endeavors.

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Mardi Trask Sorensen

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Beth Peabody

As I write this spring column, Chicago is on fire (no, not from the cow that knocked over the lantern). The Chicago Bears won their first playoff game with a field goal in overtime. What a night! Sue Carswell works for Vanity Fair, and she is also working on two books. She was profiled in Vermont Quarterly for writing Faded Pictures from My Backyard, which I highly recommend. Sue has worked for People magazine, and she also was an editor at two publishing houses. She stays in touch with Nancy Carey Maguire, Linda Lawler Merrigan, and Karen Gillis, and she hopes to get in touch with Mary Boland. Donna Manush had not kept in touch with former roommates and friends mentioned in the last Quarterly, including Susan Dromeshauser, Sue Black, Leslie Jones, Cindy DiSesa, and Bobbie Velzy. For the past 15 years, Donna and her husband Chuck have lived on a boat in Seattle. Having retired from her job as director of sales at an energy management system supplier after 13 years, she is now building a new home. She wrote that it is great to read about how well everyone is doing. Please keep writing in. I really enjoy the diversion.

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Sharon Morrissey Young

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Laurie Olander Angle

Communication among classmates is slow so please send me more mail. Congra-tulations to Doug Smith. The documentary film, Empress of Ambition, on the life and reign of Catherine the Great, which he took part in, aired in December 2006 on the National Geographic Channel. Doug also published the diaries of Catherine the Great that he translated from Russian several years ago. I hope everyone is having a wonderful year, be happy, be healthy and be safe.

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Barbara Roth

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Larry Gorkun

Hi everyone! Hope you all are planning to attend our reunion this June. It should be a lot of fun, especially if we all make the effort to go! It’s ALWAYS so much fun to be in Burlington again reliving the old days! I heard from Ron Ehrlich, who recently married his wife, Alyssa, in Manhattan. Ron’s college roommate Daniel Seff was in the bridal party. Ron and Alyssa wanted me to let you know that they wish everyone happiness and success in the new year. Ruth Fiske Ratner wrote in for the first time. Since college, she has been a resident of Cheshire, Conn., where she and her husband are raising two daughters, 12 and 16, and a son, 17. The Ratners are brokers/owners of Keller Williams Realty Central Connecticut, the fourth largest real estate company in the country. You can contact them at www.ctproperties.net. Ruth recently finished her first semester at Quinnipiac University, where she is pursuing an MBA. Gretchen Shields McClure and her husband, Peter, returned to the United States in October 2004 with their daughter, Li Tian Long McClure, who was born on August 23, 2004, in Guangxi Province, China. They live in Newburyport, Mass., where Gretchen is a graphic designer. Michael McCarthy teaches photography on the Greek island of Paros at the Hellenic International Studies in the Arts. He is looking forward to two upcoming solo exhibitions of his work at the Centre des Bords de Marne in le Perreux sur Marne as well as at the American University in Paris. To see samples of all projects, visit Michael’s website at www.michael-mccarthy.com.

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Sarah Vaden Reynolds

I love this time of year, receiving all of the holiday cards from my UVM buddies. It is so much fun to hear from so many of you and see how your kids have grown. I hope everyone had a happy and healthy New Year. I recently took a day trip to Boston for Lori Tull Bass’ 40th birthday surprise party. Lori’s husband, Mike, threw the party.  I went with Jerilyn Seaman Prague ’87, and we had a great time! Johnny Arena sent me an email letting me know that he went on his annual trip with 18 Delts to Iowa. Every year they pick a different destination. They played baseball on the original “Field of Dreams”, where the movie was filmed, and they had a blast. Johnny and Erik (Diek) Diekmann invented a product called the Handycane (www.handycane.com), and they are hoping to have it in retail stores next year. Jodi Scherer Dady wrote that she remains close with Robin Kazer Yanetti and Ashley Lovejoy Linell.  Robin and her husband, David, Tanis’s brother, live in Swampscott, Mass., with their sons Jacob and Aaron. Robin works part time as a social worker and still looks beautiful. Ashley and John Linell ’87 live in Dedham, Mass., with their children Josephine, Wil, and, Audrey. The families get together often and always have a great time. Jodi and her husband, Andrew, live in New York City with their children, Jillian and Alex. They just celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. Prior to having kids, Jodi worked in an art gallery, and she is now advising private clients. They love their life in the city, but they also love going to Millbrook, N.Y., where they rent a house on a farm.  Jeanne Bailey-Clemans lives in Bow, N.H., with her partner Cecilia. She works at a local hospital as a clinical dietician. Jeanne gave birth to their son, Owen, last 4th of July. She stays in touch with Kim Heinig Pegg, who lives in Rochester, N.Y., with her husband and two daughters, as well as Laurie Barr, who lives in Exeter, N.H., with her husband and daughters. Jill Talbot Huard sent a special hello to all of the Cats’ Meow ladies. Her email is jhuard@verizon.net. Jill was hoping to attend the 25th anniversary concert, but she will be unable to be there.  She lives in Waterville, Maine, with her husband, Dan, and their two daughters, Katie and Lisa. Jill is a sales agent with Century 21 Surette Real Estate. Last June, she traveled to New Jersey to attend a surprise birthday party for Trudy Larson ’89. Trudy’s husband, Jordan Greenberg ’90, did a wonderful job of arranging the surprise. Trudy and Jill celebrated Jill’s birthday with a trip to Cancun. Jill’s sister, Lisa Talbot (’85) Lenyard, lives in Milwaukee with her husband, Thurston, and their family. She would love to hear from friends via email at lenyard@  aol.com. Ted Gray is trying to get in touch with Anne Arbuckle. He can be reached via email at ted.gray@ amcmedical.com.

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Cathy Selinka Levison

Greetings to all of you!  I hope the new year is treating you well. We have lots of news to catch up on. Congratulations to Greg Mindky and his wife, Tracy, who welcomed son Jack Brodie Mindky into the family on July 8, 2005. The family lives in Connecticut. Jane Adams and her husband, Scott Galupo, who is a columnist for the Washington Times, along with their three-year-old son Sam, live in the D.C. area. Jane is a lobbyist for Johnson & Johnson, focusing on the device and pharmaceuticals business. She has been in Washington since graduation. Jane received her master’s degree in public policy from Georgetown University, and she regularly sees Laura Monroe ’90, Warren Tryon ’90, and Andrew Kaplan ’97, who all work in the Capital Hill “circuit.” She keeps in touch regularly with Dr. Stuart Montgomery ’90, Cherie Morse Dunkley, Dean Corcum ’88, and Kelly Merrill. Jane is a guest lecturer at the Georgetown Institute for Public Policy, and she has worked on both Bush for President campaigns and served at every Republican National Convention since 1992. Jane quipped, “not many Republicans coming out of UVM, so someone had to do it, right?” Silvana Nicolosi-Stoll has been married to her husband, Matt, whom she met during grad school at Arizona State, for more than 15 years. They have lived in Boise, Idaho, since 1993, and Silvana is a counselor at a local high school. They have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to China twice to bring home daughters Emma and Ellie.  Silvana wrote, “Although I never get back East anymore, UVM is still in my heart.” Jenn Sparks welcomed her daughter Beatrix Dora Sparks Goldstein into the world on February 27, 2006. Congratulations! Jenn and her husband still live in Jackson Hole, and they see a group of UVMers several times a year. Jack Stout, who also lives in Jackson Hole, hosted a barbecue for Tony Reilly, Tim Husband, Newt Brainard, Lewis and Kim Yankowski Parker, Sam Stout, and Mike Rheam. Jenn also hosted Jackson Hole’s first official alumni event with UVM’s Mike Gilligan and Ruth Henry ’90 in attendance. Thanks to Sam Sloane, who sent lots of news. Sam lives in Texas and works for Morgan Stanley, managing a series of trusts and estates. He would love to hear from other UVMers who are at Morgan. Sam gets back to New York City occasionally and has had the pleasure of seeing several classmates. Ursula Owre Masterson and husband Neil welcomed their second child, Allegra, in December 2005. She joins brother Blake in the family’s Manhattan home. Martha Wright and her children, Emily, Robert, and Johnny, are also doing well. Sam speaks and visits regularly with Gary Owen and his wife, Tracy, who live in Larchmont, N.Y., with their three children.  Gary works at Citigroup. Tina Roloff Reynertson and her husband, Soren, are in London for a bit of the ex-pat life. They moved from Darien, Conn., in 2005, and they are flourishing there with their two daughters. Tina mentioned that she has spoken with Amy Chaffee as well as Sam, and she received a nice card from Stacey Kalamaras ’90, who completed law school in 2006 and was hoping to land a job in D.C. Over the summer, Sam was in touch with Alex Owre and his wife, Ellen. They are “living the good life” in Appleton, Maine, with their two children, and Alex is working on another writing project. Sam also hears occasionally from Sean Haley ’88 in Boston and Barry Gogel ’88 in Baltimore. Gretchen Kirby still lives in Lexington, Mass., with her son, Liam, who started high school at St. John’s Prep last fall. Gretchen is a project director of autism family studies with the psychiatric and neurodevelopmental genetics unit at Mass General Hospital in Boston. Andrew Malkin has been very patient with me and my computer debacle. Thanks, Andrew. I’m glad to finally get his news into the column:  Andrew and his wife, Ellery Stokes Malkin, relocated from Darien, Conn., to Nashville, Tenn., in 2005. Andrew runs the international business for Ingram Book Company, the largest English-language book wholesaler in the world, while Ellery does marketing consulting for the disease-management firm Healthways. They are enjoying the quality of life and slower pace that Nashville offers, and they also had the good fortune of linking up with Jon ’88 and Carey Clarke (’88) Aron, who helped them acclimate to living in the mid-South. They have a young daughter, Channing, and an affectionate wheaten terrier, Bromley. On a recent visit to the Bay Area, Andrew took in some wine tasting with Ellen Mahoney, and he was looking forward to a visit from Jonathan Plumpton. It was great to hear from Web (aka Wetherbee) Dorshow, who has been happily married for more than 13 years with a 27-year-old stepson and two dogs. He and his wife, Alison, have lived in Santa Fe, N.M., since 1991. Web runs a GIS consulting firm specializing in spatially enabled environmental analysis and database management. After a long hiatus, he is finishing his PhD in archeology with a focus on terrain and hydrological modeling. Despite this impressive set of career credentials, he still makes time for his love of music and the great outdoors. Congratulations to Christine Striano Arella and her husband, Bruce, who have two sons and a new baby daughter, born last summer. Congratulations also go to Cate Fallon Croteau and husband Dan ’87, who welcomed their son Matthew into the family last August. He joins sisters Elizabeth and Nicole and brother Will. The Croteaus met up with Kim Slomin McGarvey, Diane Peligal O’Halloran, Susan Mooney Noonan, Robyn Fried Boyd, Stefanie Conroy Wallach, Elissa Perez Vancura, Maureen “Moe” Gonsalves, and me, along with an assortment of spouses and 22 children. We had a wonderful reunion in Sebasco Harbor, Maine, last July. We missed Emily Katz Moskowitz and her crew. Thanks to all of you for sharing your news. Keep it coming!

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Kate Barker Swindell

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