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  • Alumni of Color
    Contact: Kofi Mensah, kmensah310@gmail.com
    Leadership: Kofi Mensah '11 and Anese Irick '12

  • Chicago
    Contact: Brent Qualls '09, quallsbrent@gmail.com
    Leadership: Elizabeth Bearese '08, Ed Tracy '76, Jonathan Bourne '77, Andrew Lussen '03, Seth Cortheil '09, Brent Qualls '09

  • Delta Psi
    Contact: deltapsiuvm@gmail.com, jcstone@gmail.com
    Leaders: John Irish '73, Bill Norland '82, Jeff Davis '74, Bruce Miller '81, Greg Dirmaier '76, Myers Mermel '84, John Stone '83

  • Philadelphia
    Contact: Steph Rio,

  • San Francisco
    Contact: Kate Manciocchi,
    Leadership: Jeff McNulty '94, Kate Manciocchi '02, Dave Donohue '94, Keith Upton '05, Deejae Johnson '92, Ted Cotsen '95, Alexa Cole '08

  • Southern California
    Contact: Tully Watson,
    Leadership:Tully Watson '02, Jolen Hanson '01, Gabrielle Hart '03, J.P. Harrison '03



Alumni Affinity Program

Stay connected to UVM through regional groups, shared interests, and experiences.

What is the UVM Alumni Affinity Program?

The affinity program offers opportunities for alumni of shared interests and common bonds to connect on meaningful levels beyond the traditional class and regional structure. Examples of these may include:

  • Student activity involvement (Outing Club, student leaders, The Cynic, WRUV)
  • Professional/career affiliation (environmental, legal, entrepreneurs, educators)
  • Identity-based (ALANA, Greek, Hillel, LGBT)
  • Regional programs (San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Florida)

Why have a UVM Alumni Affinity Program?

Specifically, an affinity program:

  • Creates a medium through which alumni can reconnect with each other around shared experiences, interests, and identities
  • Increases opportunities for alumni to get involved and meet other UVM alumni
  • Promotes leadership
  • Fosters a sense of community within the UVM alumni population
  • Supports a culture of philanthropy for the University

The UVM Alumni Association recognizes the importance of these special interests and encourages alumni to connect with others who share this common bond.

How do I start an affinity group?

  1. See if your group exists by reviewing the current list
  2. Contact the alumni office
  3. Submit application form (download and mail or email us the completed form).
  4. Be approved (applications are approved by the UVM Alumni Association's Affinity committee in September, January and April)
  5. Orientation