Sustainable Design

438 College St.
Achieved LEED
Gold certification
{39 points in LEED 2.1}
438 College Street
61 Summit Street
61 Summit Street Goals:
Match or improve upon points earned at 438 College St.
Gain new credits and points.

The new Alumni House is designed to meet or exceed the United States Green Building Council criteria for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED™) Silver certification in accordance with the University’s Environmental Design in New and Renovated Buildings policy.

This policy defines UVM’s commitment to a high level of environmental sustainability in all new buildings and in major renovations to existing buildings. The University strives to achieve a higher standard of LEED™ equivalent certification, that of “Gold” or higher, whenever possible.

61 Summit Street LEED Review

The following list includes areas identified for possible points to achieve
LEED certification of the Alumni House:

Materials & Resources

  • Material Re-use
  • Recycled Content

Water Efficiency

  • Water Use Reduction

Innovation & Design Process

Regional Priority Credits

(4 bonus points new to LEED v3)

  • Development Density and Community Connectivity
  • Alternative Transportation
  • Storm Water Design
  • Regional Materials
  • Certified Wood

Sustainable Sites

  • Storm Water Design

Energy & Atmosphere

  • Optimize Energy Performance
  • Measurement and Verifications
  • Green Power

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Construction IAQ Management Plan
  • Indoor Chemical and Pollutant Source Control
  • Controllability of Systems (Thermal Comfort)
  • Thermal Comfort Design and Verification